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Discover of Indonesia
Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world with 17.000 islands that make up he archipelago as a piece of paradise with numerous tropical rain forest,volcanoes, mysterious lakes, breath taking tropical beaches, terrace rice paddies, exotic flora & fauna. Indonesia is home for over 360 separate ethnic groups with unique cultures. All of these make indonesia, a wealth of travel opportunities abounds. Our home island Sumatra the second largest island in Indonesia. Is in the fourth place in procuring total visits of foreign tourist following Jakarta, Bali and Batam, this region has a remarkable panorama, thick with virgin forest, lush vegetation, strong river, beautiful water falls, peace full sandy beach and large ancient lakes. The diversity of art people and culture literally make Sumatra perfect place for traveling.

Sumatra is huge island with 1800 km & 450 square kilometers with stretching from the Indian ocean in the North to the straits of Sunda in the South. It is a land of virgin tropical rain forests, volcanoes, high plateaus, waterfall, lakes, peaceful white sandy beaches, terraced rice fields & endless plantations. The people of the island are hospitable & warm & can be divided in to many groups of ethnic such as Acehnese, Bataks, Minangkabau, Malays, Nias, etc. Each groups has their Owns dialects, religious beliefs, traditional  arts, customes & cultures. The diversity of arts & cultures literary of arts & cultures literary make this island a Garden of Eden for social & historical scientists & cultural seekers. From the Acehnese in the North, the Bataks people around Lake Toba, the unique matrilinial social system of the Minangkabau & Malays people that mostly at the coasts. Travelling in NORTH SUMATRA will bring you to these  beautiful & interesting places :

Medan means battlefield in Indonesia vocabulary, referred to the site of battlefield between the Aceh Kingdom & the Deli Kingdom. Once Medan was part of the Deli Sultan but now is the capital city in Medan are the Mesjid Raya (Grand Mosque), the Maimoon palace, the prewar architecture buildings in the down town, crocodile farm, museum etc.